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Wheel Refurbishment

At Belgravia Garage we have highly trained staff and specialist technology to ensure we can offer a complete wheel refurbishment service to the highest of standards.

Our professional technicians shot-blast the wheels by hand (chemically strip if required) to remove all previous layers of lacquer and paint in order to achieve a bare metal surface.

This ensures all signs of kerbing, corrosion and blemishes are removed and the wheels can then be dressed and filled to repair any damaged rim edges.

The wheels are then heated and a powder coat finish applied before they are left to cure for a set period of time. Finally, a clear lacquer is applied over the first coating to enhance and protect the alloy wheel. Powder coating ensures the most durable finish and highest level of protection for alloy wheels.

Tyre safety

It is important for you to check the condition and tread of your tyres regularly as any damage, foreign bodies, unusual tyre wear and insufficient tyre tread depth will all affect the drive quality and safety of your vehicle.

Pay particular attention to the sidewalls of your tyres and look for any bulges or cuts in them; this could be the result of kerb or pothole damage. You should also check to make sure that there are no signs of cracks appearing which are a sign of ageing.

We pride ourselves on our low tyre prices.

Our tyre and fitting service provides you with the tyres your motorcycle or scooter needs to perform to its full potential. We can also assist you with a tyre health check and advise on the correct approved tyres for your motorcycle or scooter should they need to be replaced. We offer a comprehensive replacement package (including the environmentally friendly disposal of your old tyres) at hugely competitive prices.

Scooter Tyres
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