Selling your Motorcycle? What you Need to Know.

Selling Your Motorcycle

Chances are your precious bike has given you a wealth of good memories and parting will be such sweet sorrow. On the other hand, you might be glad to see the back of it if it’s been nothing but hassle! Either way, selling your motorcycle need not be stressful or overly complicated if you follow these handy hints:

Looking Good

Make sure your bike looks as good as or almost as good as it did the day you bought it. An attractive bike is going to garner more interest so put in a little effort and use some wet wax and chain lube to make it all shiny and spotless. Cosmetic repairs can cost less than having to knock the price down, so find a qualified mechanic to take a look.

In Working Order

Before you sell, make sure the bike is in good working order and safe to ride. An oil check, tyre inspection and check of the electrics and chain can all be undertaken by a specialist motorbike repair Chelsea garage for ultimate peace of mind. A recent service will make the bike more desirable to any potential buyers. Having an MOT also makes it easier to sell.


Gather up all the information about your bike, such as service history, receipts for work undertaken, vehicle handbook, MOT certificates and possibly an HPI check. All of which will increase buyer confidence in both you and your bike.

Best Price

Do some market research on similar motorcycles to be sure you’re asking a reasonable price and not under or over estimating the bike’s worth. You’ll also need to decide where you will advertise. You can sell privately, online or choose a dealer to do it for you. Whilst the dealer will require a cut of the final sale, if you want stress-free, then they will do all the work on your behalf.

Get Clued Up

You’re less likely to get your asking price if you come across a bit clueless. It’s worth taking the time to read through your bike’s history, remind yourself about mileage, previous owners or fuel economy. You will be judged along with your bike, so the more knowledgeable you come across, the more likely you are to be taken seriously and receive the asking price.


This is a process that doesn’t always feel comfortable but if you choose to sell privately, chances are you will be drawn in to haggling. Be prepared to stay your ground but if you’re keen to sell, it often doesn’t hurt to accept a little lower than the original price.

Protecting Yourself

If you do decide to sell privately, make sure before any test drives that you ask for the buyer’s ID and keys before they leave to cover yourself against potential theft. Whilst cash is always the easiest transaction, if you do accept a cheque then wait for the money to clear before handing over the bike! Always provide a receipt covering details of the motorcycle, the buyer, the amount paid and have ‘sold as seen’ written on it somewhere.