Scooter Security in 2018

Scooter Security

Recently released figures state that 7 out of every 10 bikes in London are not locked. With motorcycle theft a serious issue, it’s not necessarily that the streets are full of scooter-stealing gangsters but that too many bikes are left unsecure and too easy to take. With almost half of all vehicle thefts in the capital being scooters and mopeds, it’s too tempting for thieves to lift these light vehicles and use them in snatch and grab robberies and as getaway vehicles. Here are some ways you can prevent your scooter becoming the next statistic:

Mechanical Devices

There are many different types of lock available and the best advice is to use not one, but a combination of locking devices.
Brake Disc Locks – These are a practical choice as they are light, compact and easy to transport. Your bike could still be carried away so it’s advisable to use a brake disc lock along with a chain if you’re parking up for any length of time.
D-Locks – Most effective when used with a chain to fix the scooter to a static, solid object. This prevents the bike being carried away.
Chains & Padlocks – Some riders place a chain through a wheel or the frame but bear in mind that a wheel can be removed. Two or more chains attached to an object like a street lamp, along with a top-quality D Lock is advisable.
Ground Anchors – These solid objects are placed on the ground and normally used at your place of residence or work. The flatter the better to avoid tripping and the best on the market are usually made form concrete. Bolt down versions are also available and if installed correctly, can be equally as effective.
ID Systems – Thieves think twice about taking a scooter with such markings as the bikes are almost impossible to sell on. UV liquid marks leave a serial number which can be viewed under UV light. RFID tags can also be used to place in wheels and seats, with police having access to the database that holds information about the registered owner of each vehicle.

Electronic Security

Insurance approved alarms and immobilisers – Most of these units will provide years of hassle-free service even though some issues have been found with false alarms and immobilising whilst riding. A properly fitted system however will provide user adjustable settings to heighten nudge and movement settings if needs be. Quality is usually the key over cost when it comes to electronic security systems, and it pays to have one fitted correctly. Think ‘where can I find a scooter service near me?’
Tracking Devices – These are available in insurance company approved systems that come with round the clock monitoring services or DIY systems that you can monitor online.
The quality of such systems can vary greatly with insurance approved devices using a mix of GPS, SIM card tech and RFID. The DIY systems use the same technology but of course, are not monitored 24/7 as they are controlled by you.