Moped Repair and Care in the UK

Moped Repair and Care

When it comes to servicing vehicles, many people put it at the bottom of their list of priorities, preferring to fire fight problems when they arise as opposed to engaging in preventative maintenance. But does this make any sense? We carry out preventative maintenance on our bodies and our homes – so why not our motors too? Whether you drive a car, ride a moped or strut your stuff on a classic motorbike, chances are it was a significant investment you made to own that mode of transport. Care and repair then, will prolong the life of this important investment.

Think you can handle these jobs by yourself to save a few quid? Think again. Here are some very compelling reasons why you should leave servicing, maintenance and moped repair in London to the professionals:


If you want the job done right first time, you should leave it to the professional mechanic with years of experience. They will know what might be behind any problems and how to resolve them. Attempting the work yourself could leave your moped more damaged, racking up an even bigger repair bill!


Chances are you won’t have access to the right tools for the job whereas a moped specialist will. Specialised tools are not also available to the public and trying to complete work with the wrong ones could cause further damage. If you’re thinking of purchasing all the necessary tools, you’ll end up paying far more than you would for a service or repair at the garage.


Work carried out on your motorcycle will come with certain warranties, meaning you can return it for assistance should problems arise again during a certain period of time. Those who choose to carry out their own repairs run the risk of carrying out the same repairs time and again. This is going to seriously hurt your wallet in the long run, not to mention your mood!

Wait Times

Doing any repairs on your moped involves shopping for replacement parts, trying to find the best deals and waiting for parts to be delivered. By using the services of a moped repair garage you’ll find they have loads of connections and possibly a large inventory of parts already available. This significantly reduces the time you need to wait to get your bike back and saves you the headache of trying to source parts.

Avoid Injury

Tackling any major repairs could result in hurting yourself if you’re not 100% confident about what you’re doing and you’re not in possession of the right tools for the job. Injury is more likely when you’re using inappropriate, old, faulty or worn tools and equipment. The professionals have access to all the relevant tools, health and safety equipment and the knowledge to carry out the work efficiently, safely and right first time.