London Scooter Repairs and Must-Have Gadgets

London Scooter Repairs & Must have Gadgets

Summer is nearly upon us and with that comes primetime scooter riding. Forget the freezing discomfort of taking your scooter out in the dark mid-winter, scooters were made for sunshine, warm breezes and ‘passione per la vita’

If you’ve not had the scooter out for a few months, you’ll probably need to take it for a service and fix any issues before scooter season kicks off. Unless you’re carrying out a Spring-ready care plan, you might have a dead battery or stale fuel. However, a quick trip to scooter repair specialists will have her back up and running in no time.
To get the best out of your scootering this spring and summer, here are some of the top gadgets you’ll want to get your hands on:

Pet Carrier

Ever wished you could take your beloved pooch out with you for a cruise? These attachable carriers are designed to carry small pets, of any variety, out on scooters, motorcycles and bicycles. The ‘Pet on Wheels’ can carry a pet of up to 10kg in weight and you can choose to have your carrier mounted forward or rear facing, whichever your pooch prefers!


This gadget is designed for scooter, bikes, caravans, lawnmowers or anything else you want to attach it to. At a reasonable cost, the device runs on two replaceable CR123A batteries and will activate when it detects movement or vibration. If the key fob is not in range, it will phone you within one minute and provide you with its GPS location. The co-ordinates will update every five minutes and then every half-hour for a further week. It works in the wet, is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and works across Europe. Never worry about leaving your scooter unattended again.

Motorcycle Tank Bag

One of the most awkward aspects of trying to be a free-spirited scooter rider is what to do with your stuff when you get off the bike. Nobody wants to be tied down with ‘stuff’ so this bag is ideal as it magnetically mounts to the tank and is basically a helmet-carrier and backpack rolled into one. It’s water-resistant with super strong magnets and made from neoprene so it won’t scratch your paintwork. The built-in shoulder straps turn it into a backpack for easy carrying when you get off.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

The ability to communicate effectively with fellow riders is vital these days, so treat yourself to a top end system. The Sena 20S is state-of-the-art with the very latest Bluetooth 4.1 tech that includes up to 8 riders on one network over a 1.2 mile range. It’s very user-friendly, with voice activated hands-free features and the ability to audio multi-task, meaning no breaks in transmission and seamlessly smooth communication.

Helmet Camera

Want to shoot footage of your road trip? Going somewhere with incredible views or just want to have recorded evidence in case some goofball cuts you up and causes an accident? A helmet camera serves both purposes brilliantly. Buy a high definition camera for super sharp images and one that supports loop recording for use like a dash cam too.

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