Iconic Honda Motorbikes

honda motorbikes

Honda are a giant in the world of cars and motorbikes. They produce everything from scooters to racing superbikes. The company was founded by Soichiro Honda after the Second World War and his passion for engineering paid off in the growing success of his bikes in the 1960s. Here are some of the most iconic Honda motorbikes to have hit our roads and highways over the last half a century:

CBR900RR Fireblade

The stunning Fireblade is one of the most successful sportsbikes ever. This beast of a bike has been right at the top or gunning for it in most bike tests and has enjoyed excellent sales. This bike is a real icon and the CBR900RR was the second generation Fireblade, even more of an improvement on the original ‘Blade.

Released in 1996, the second-gen ‘Blade had updated bodywork, a 918cc engine, higher bars and a stainless-steel exhaust. It enjoyed great sales, was well-constructed and quick to steer. It’s comfortable and spacious for a sportsbike, still of the analogue era so easier to work on, fuel efficient and really cheap to pick up second-hand. It suffered when the R1 was released but was still a great buy and with 122bhp, had enough zip to satisfy most riders.


At the time, the Superhawk represented cutting-edge technology that made this bike cheaper to manufacture and incredibly light in weight. This was the beginning of a new generation of motorbikes. If you’ve ever read the biker’s Bible ‘Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance’ then you’ll recognise the Superhawk as Robert Pirsig’s bike of choice for his philosophical road trip.

Gold Wing

For those riders who wanted comfort and something different from other rides, the Gold Wing was the bike of choice. Many classic Gold Wing’s are lovingly restored and wheeled out on sunny Bank Holidays around the UK still. Visit specialist Honda motorcycle repairs for your classic Honda needs. The Gold Wing has gone through many developments since its conception and now offers all the latest technology for an even more comfortable ride.


Many Honda enthusiasts consider this model to the birth of the superbike. The CB750 was a stunning work of art and Honda’s attempt to break into the U.S market. It was powerful, good-looking and made just the right impact that Honda desired.

The Hurricane (CBR600F)

Rather unfairly known as the ‘poor man’s racer’, the Hurricane was a sports bike with plastic trims. It was cheap and affordable, but it gave those who couldn’t have otherwise had a fast bike, a chance to feel the need for speed. The bike has seen great technological improvements throughout its generations.  

The Rune

Every vehicle manufacturer has to have one crazy design to get everyone talking and for Honda, it was the Rune.  Big, bossy and a little bit ‘out there’, Honda actually sold three times more units than they had anticipated. The bike sat low to the ground and consisted of more than 2m of length to manoeuvre!