Motorcycle Safety & How to Stay Safe on a Superbike

motorcycle safety

Superbikes, or super sports bikes are immensely powerful, hugely fun bikes unlike any other bikes on the market.  Built with massively powerful engines and designed for ultimate speed and acceleration, these bikes are bulkier and heavier than your standard fare. They also have extremely powerful braking systems, where a small tug at the lever can bring you to a grinding halt. As they are so different from standard bikes, practice really does make perfect, so you might find the following tips helpful: 

Build up gradually

Someone who’s never ridden before, jumping on a superbike is likely to kill them. Before even entertaining the idea of owning such a bike, you’ll need to hone your riding skills on lesser beasts first. Get plenty of experience on bikes with smaller engine capacities or a more forgiving ride. Riding any motorbike takes confidence, skill and focus but you can double this for riding a superbike.

Easy Rider

You need to think smooth, easy like Sunday morning when dealing with the power and sensitivity of a superbike. You need to be gentle on the throttle and the brakes, caressing your machine though gear shifts, like a living, breathing steed who could buck at any moment. A smooth approach will allow weight to shift predictably and avoid the potential for skidding and bucking.  

The Best Riding Gear

If only the best bike will do, then apply the same philosophy to your riding gear. You must have top-grade protection, no matter what you’re riding. Riding at faster superbike speeds can also see grit and dirt flicking up from road surfaces, so be sure you have good eye protection.


If you want to sit upright, buy a tourer. A superbike is designed for speed and aerodynamics with a low centre of gravity and a bent-over riding position. Windshields are low to prevent drag, but this does mean you’ll be bent over to avoid the buffeting effect.

Regular Servicing

If you want optimum performance, visual beauty and ultimate safety, you’ll be sensible and have regular servicing carried out. The main parts, such as chains, tyres and brakes should all be checked to identify potential problems early on. This could save you costly repairs further down the line or even save your life. Also get into the habit of carrying out quick pre-ride checks before heading out, your life could depend on it. Always take your bike to a specialist local motorcycle repairs.

Understand your limits

Human nature can hardly resist pushing machines to their limits to see what they’re fully capable of. Having a superbike is taking this temptation, tying it with a bow and saying Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas all at once. Be sure that a superbike will always outperform its rider so always stay within your comfort zone. Always ride for yourself, within your limits and never be tempted to play catch up with mates or the pressure and lack of focus could have tragic consequences.