BMW Motorcycles of This Decade

BMW Motorcycles of This Decade

Some would argue that the very best examples of German engineering in BMW motorcycles appeared during the seventies and eighties. However, as we are now 18 years into a new millennium, it’s perhaps time to focus on the best of BMW today and those models you could walk in to a dealership and buy today. Here are some of the most exciting bikes from the last few years:

R 120 RS

For those who love to take their bike on long open road journeys, this model’s mix of sporty prowess and touring capabilities make it a great choice. The sportiness keeps the long rides exciting, as well as having a solid 125hp for plenty of power on hand. It comes with all the modern rider-assist technology that one would expect for 21st century biking and looks pretty sharp too! Always give your motorcycle a health check before embarking on a tour, such as BMW motorcycles servicing at a professional specialist garage.

S 1000 RR

If you absolutely want a sports bike in your life, then you can’t go far wrong with the S 1000 RR. Hitting the roads for the first time in 2009, it was BMW’s first proper sports bike and it made an explosive impact. With a low wet weight of only 449lbs and a 199hp engine – this is one fun ride! This is definitely a machine for track days and back roads, it’s not so comfortable for prolonged rides or the urban crawl – but if you’re looking for 0-60 in less than 3 seconds then this bike will leave you giggling.

F 800 GS

Any list of BMW motorcycles would not be complete without mentioning the GS range. Originally debuting in 1980, starting the adventure-touring range – the F 800 is the only GS still in production. While many would argue that the R 1200 GS sells better, the F 800 is better for speed, maneuverability and ease of handling. While other bikes in the range have much going for them, the F 800 provides the ideal balance of all these elements.

R nineT

Whilst not the fastest BMW bike available on the market, the R nineT offers an iconic BMW of the past, brought to life in a 21st century reincarnation. Based on the original classic R90/6, this motorcycle is all about touring. It’s comfortable on those long rides with a great upright seat position which provides good command and confidence on the bike, as well as avoiding lower back ache. It is perfect both on the back roads and in making a seamless transition to urban riding. Aesthetically, it exudes the elegance that BMW has become well-known for.

G310 GS

This brand new lightweight adventure bike has been designed to offer the urban rider ultimate manoeuvrability and light off-road capabilities. This is the ideal choice for commuters and new riders alike, being both light, compact and reasonably priced. Despite the low-price tag, the bike remains visually impressive as you’d expect from BMW and even with the smaller engine, the ride is as smooth as butter, with plenty of power to leave you smiling!